Dream of: 11 November 1990 "Snake In The Road"

I was sitting in the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse. My step-grandfather Clarence didn't live here, but he had come to visit someone else living here. My sister, also here, soon had to leave to go to school. She got onto a bicycles and headed down the road leading east. As I watched her disappear around the bend in the road, I noticed quite a few cars and trucks parked there. I counted 21. Just as my sister went around the curve in the road, three of the cars pulled out and began following her. That alarmed me. I thought that the people in the car were probably hunters, and that they might try to attack my sister.

I immediately told Clarence what I had seen, and I asked him if I could use his truck to follow my sister. He said that something was wrong with the truck, and that I couldn't use it. I became upset and I said it was just like him not to let someone use something of his because he was so selfish. After I had thoroughly berated him, I left walking to catch up with my sister. I thought I would run after her, even though I thought that would probably be futile. I ran to the curve, where I found water and washed-up logs on the road. I stepped across the water and the logs.

When I reached the place where I had seen the cars and trucks, they were no longer there. Instead, I saw that there had been a landslide and that the road was covered with mud and dirt.

Up ahead of me I could see another boy (about 7-8 years old) riding a bicycle to school. He was having a difficult time struggling through the landslide. I recognized him and I hollered to him. He stopped and waited for me. When I reached him, we both continued on together.

I stopped suddenly. I thought I had seen a snake in the branch of a nearby tree. When I looked for the snake, I couldn't find it. Finally, I did see it a silver-colored snake in the branch of the tree and I slipped past it. I next noticed what appeared to be another straight snake about five meters long stretching into the underbrush. I was unsure whether it was a snake. I thought it might just be a cable. Then I saw it move and slither under the sand where I was. I quickly stepped over it and moved on.

I looked more closely at the hillside; about half of it had collapsed onto the road. Clearly we were going to have serious problems. Quite a bit of the hill was still left, and I feared it might collapse on us. I decided we were going to have to turn around and go back. I thought the road would be closed up ahead. I thought we might be able to go up past my Cabin and go out the back way. Otherwise we would simply have to wait at the Farmhouse. Obviously we shouldn't continue this way, because we could be killed if there was another avalanche.

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