Dream of: 10 November 1990 (2) "Riding The Pig"

While I was in the House in Patriot, I wanted to go down the street. I got in the car, intending to drive down the street in the direction of the post office. But instead of going down the street in front of the House, I headed down the street behind the House. I immediately saw that the road was covered by tar, and that I had made a mistake by heading through the tar.

By the time I reached the corner of the street, I was no longer in the car, but was walking. My step-grandfather Clarence and another man were with me. Several rows of young trees about eight feet tall were in the field on my left. The roots of the trees were above the ground, and looked as if they hadn't yet been planted. I asked one of the men with me what kind of plants those were. He replied that they were spinach plants. I thought that was strange. I thought spinach plants were small, and not the size of trees. But the man said these were special plants. The plants were supposed to be ready on July 31, at which time they hoped the spinach would be ready.

As we continued walking, I saw a snake on the side of the road. I didn't want for either of the men to bother the snake, and told them to leave it alone. As the snake slithered off through the field, it appeared to grow, finally looking the size of a python. It was black with orange spots. Finally it stopped, rose up and stuck its head up above some weeds. I asked Clarence what kind of snake he thought it was. I thought it was a cow-snake. He looked and agreed with me that it was a cow-snake.

I also noticed a horse in the field. I wondered if the snake would bother the horse. But then the horse saw the snake and began running away through the field.

We finally crossed over a small creek. On the other side, we saw what appeared to be three loaves of brown bread lying on the ground. I asked the others if they knew what it was. Apparently they did know, but they didn't tell me. I picked up one of the loaves and broke it open. It was yellow inside. I thought they must have been put out there for the animals.

We continued walking until we reached the back of a house. I saw a pig in the back yard. I finally realized we had come here because I wanted to ride the pig. I had thought it was necessary for us to first talk to the owners in the house, but then I realized I didn't need to talk with anyone, that I could simply go up to the pig and begin riding it. I looked at it more carefully. It was a very large, flesh-colored pig. I had no idea how I was going to ride it, but thought I probably needed a bridle if I were going to be successful. I should at least try to get a bridle from someone in the house so I would be able to ride the pig.

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