Dream of: 10 November 1990 "Conflict Of Interest"

I was out in the country, looking at a large, white, frame house which belonged to two old women. I could see that someone had insulated the house with cellulose insulation by drilling holes in the sides of the house and blowing in the insulation. Some holes were quite large, more than eight centimeters in diameter. It looked as if the holes were the result of faulty drilling. It looked as if some holes hadn't been completed because studs had been hit. About half the holes hadn't had plugs put in them, and were still open. It was the worst insulation job I had ever seen.

When one of the women walked out of the house, I told her the insulation job was terrible, and that she should sue whoever had done it. I even thought about helping her out in such a suit.

I told her my father used to install insulation, and that now he even manufactured insulation. She was quite impressed by that.

The two of us sat down and continued talking. I realized Mr. Ransom (a legal client) used to work for the insulation company which had done the job on her home. I knew Ransom had been fired by the company, and I thought perhaps it had been a wrongful firing. I might also be able to sue the company for that. But I was concerned Ransom might be the one responsible for the terrible job on the woman's house. That might cause a conflict for me, since I knew I represented Ransom. Perhaps the company had even fired him because of the poor job he had done on this house. That could cause problems.

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