Dream of: 07 November 1990 "Infinity Sign"

While walking down a street in Portsmouth, where I was presently living, I met a Spanish-speaking man (about 25 years old). It seemed strange that in Portsmouth I would meet someone who spoke Spanish, and when I learned he didn't have anywhere to stay, I thought he could stay with me.

Earlier I had been smoking some marijuana, and thought about what a good time I had had when I had smoked it. I thought I might buy some marijuana so I could begin smoking it regularly.


I was in the upstairs of a house where some people who were my parents lived. Two women (each about 30 years old) were with me. They didn't have anywhere else to stay. I was trying to hide the women here, and since my parents were downstairs, I didn't want the women to make any noise and be discovered.

I began washing my face, then walked downstairs to where my parents were. But once downstairs, I realized I had left the water running upstairs, and heard it being turned off. I hoped no one downstairs had noticed the water was turned off while I was downstairs, and thereby conclude someone else was upstairs. But no one seemed to notice.

When I walked back upstairs, I found one of the women in the bathroom. She was doing something with her hair, which was wet. Hearing my mother coming up the stairs, I ran to the hall to greet her. My mother walked into the bathroom, saw the woman, and became shocked and angry the woman was there. When the second woman walked into the bathroom, my mother was even more shocked. I tried to explain to my mother that nothing was going on between me and the women, that I was only trying to help them out by giving them a place to stay.


While the two women were outside in a vacant lot, we decided we were going to build a house for us all to live in. I sat down and began drawing a plan for a house. The drawing was merely a rectangle encompassing four rooms. There were two large rooms in the middle, and a two small rooms in the front and back.

One of the women said she wanted the house to look like a figure eight, or the infinity sign. She wanted the house to be made of brick, and began telling me how easy it was to lay brick in an oval shape. I was rather dubious about the idea.

We decided to begin building the house here in the vacant lot, which was a corner lot. We had some brick and I told them I had one bag of concrete, which I thought was left over from building my cabin. We decided to mix the cement and begin building the house right here.

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