Dream of: 01 November 1990 "Ski Trip"

My father, my mother, some other members of my family, and I had gone skiing together. When we arrived at the ski shop to obtain our skis, I found that the ski boots were on special. But when I examined them, I found that only the orange boots were on special and they looked as if they were for children. The blue boots (which looked as if they were for adults) weren't on special. I told the others I was going to take the blue boots, even if they weren't on special.

When we left the shop, the others got into a vehicle, while I held on behind and was pulled along behind it through the slushy snow.

When we finally stopped, I noticed my mother had stepped out of the vehicle and was preparing to practice skiing on some small slopes. I told her she hadn't done anything yet. I told her to wait until we got up to the big slopes on top of the mountains. I thought it was going to be stupendous.

I was thinking of trying to ski every weekend. I knew that would be expensive, but thought I would like to do it, if I could afford it.

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