Dream of: 31 October 1990 (2) "Toppled Cabin"

I was looking out over a clearing in a wooded area. In the center of the clearing was a log cabin which had been built by the musician John Denver. I had heard that for some reason Denver had been forced to move out of the cabin, and it was now going to be destroyed.

The cabin was small, with apparently two floors, and only one room on each floor. The cabin appeared to be built in two sections. The bottom section was made of large, dark, rough logs, whereas the top section appeared to be made of smaller, light, smoothed logs. As I watched, an extremely strong wind began to blow. It appeared that the wind was somehow planned. The top part of the cabin began to sway, teetered and finally toppled and smashed to the ground. The wind continued blowing and the bottom logs also began coming out of the cabin. As they blew out, the logs rolled into a row behind the cabin.

When the wind died down, I walked over to what remained of the cabin. The logs which had been used for the bottom section were truly huge. It was impressive that Denver had been able to go out here, chop down the trees and build the cabin like that. I wondered where the trees had come from and I concluded they must have come from the clearing nearby. In fact I could see some of the branches which looked as if they had been chopped from the trees. Some garbage was also lying around. I noticed a blue plastic bottle amongst it. I thought Denver must have put quite a bit of hard labor into his project.

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