Dream of: 31 October 1990 "Old Cars"

Jon and I were standing behind the Fort Worth Rock House in the area where I usually parked my car. I had begun digging a hole about a half meter square and already about a meter deep. I told Jon I was thinking of buying an old car to work on. I would pull the old car over the hole, climb down into the hole, and work on the car underneath.

I told him I wanted an antique car, no later than the 1940s. I pointed to an older car which someone had parked in front of the House. I stated that the car was probably from about 1957, and that I didn't want a car that new.

I continued digging on my hole with a shovel and pitched out several spadefuls of dirt. One shovelful of dirt looked lighter in color than the other darker dirt, and I wondered if it were feces. Jon pointed out that it wouldn't be possible for me to first pull the car over the hole and then crawl under it because there wasn't enough room.

As I worked, Jon and I noticed another older car parked behind the House. The car was light blue and very large -- it was higher than my head. I looked it over carefully -- that was the type of car I wanted. It was very clean except for some tar or oil smudges on the front.

My 1980 Honda Prelude was also sitting nearby. As Jon and I examined the older car, someone boarded my Prelude and drove off. I didn't think anything about it, but Jon ran down toward where the Prelude had been parked. A little white dog ran after Jon and some other dogs followed, barking. Jon spoke with some other people, and I finally realized someone must have stolen my Prelude. I couldn't figure out where the person had found a key, because I thought I had the only one.

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