Dream of: 26 October 1990 "God Telling Me To Concentrate"

As I lay in a bed, I gazed through a window at a green field dappled with large brown bales of hay. Although I enjoyed the view, I was a bit preoccupied because I didn't know where I was. Trying to remember where I could be, I finally concluded I must be asleep and dreaming. Immediately I became lucid, fully aware I was dreaming. However I still didn't know where I was. Remaining tranquil, I imagined scenes of several different rooms where my body might be lying. When I finally opened my eyes and saw I was lying on my blue sofa bed, I knew I was in the Fort Worth Rock House.

Satisfied, I closed my sluggish eyes and returned to sleep, wondering if I could continue with my lucid dream. Within a matter of seconds I was once again dreaming lucidly. This time I was looking out over a field of growing corn, thinking about how beautiful the corn was, and how I loved to look at fields. I sensed this was a wonderful dream vision for me.

As I passed through a sequence of ever-changing scenes, controlling them as I went along, I realized I probably wouldn't be able to recall the images when I awoke, because of so much disjointed detail. But remembering everything didn't seem so important. More important was learning more about how to have lucid dreams.

As the images continued to cascade through my mind, I finally realized I hadn't yet thought about God. As I tried to concentrate on God, I also began thinking about meditating. Suddenly I realized the concepts of concentration and meditation were closely intertwined. As the phrase "meditation is concentration" reverberated in my mind, I abruptly awoke.

I felt as if I had been learning an important lesson about lucid dreaming and I now saw the close link between concentration and lucid dreaming. I also realized concentration and meditation were linked. But despite having heard the phrase "meditation is concentration," I still felt as if there was a difference between concentration and meditation.

Now awake, I glanced around and noticed a man nearby who reminded me of Kegley (an old junior-high schoolmate) whom I hadn't seen in many years. I looked at him and gasped, "Wow, what a dream."

When Kegley heard me, he asked me to relate the dream to him. I was going to do so, but first I wanted to see if I could continue with the dream. I closed my eyes again, immediately fell back to sleep, and began having another lucid dream. This time I wanted to concentrate on everything I saw.

However, first I needed to make myself comfortable. I was lying on my stomach on the couch which seemed tilted a bit so my right leg kept falling off. I tried to simply let my leg fall off, without becoming concerned about it.

When I finally began focusing my attention in the dream, I started looking at a wall covered with squiggly black marks. As I stared at the wall, I began hearing God telling me to concentrate. I zeroed in on the black marks (which seemed to have something to do with Zen) until I finally realized the black marks were actually pieces of blue porcelain inlaid in a white wall on the outside of a building. I was looking at a corner area, so I could actually see two walls intersecting at the corner. The longer I stared at the wall, the more I seemed to recognize the building an old gas station which I remembered to be on a corner of Gallia Street in Portsmouth.

I concentrated on the bits of porcelain until I realized they formed a picture of a reclining nude woman, in the style of a wall-painting of ancient Rome. In the background was a picture of a building. As I continued to concentrate on the striking picture, searching for detail, a wealth of images suddenly appeared in the picture. When I noticed lions in the picture, I recalled I had also seen lions earlier in the dream. The more I concentrated, the more the picture seemed to grow, revealing many more animals, in much more detail.

When I finally looked away from the wall, I noticed some music which sounded like an early Beatles song seemed to be playing in the background. I distinctly heard the words, "I only want to be with you." The music seemed to change my whole perspective. I wondered if there was a whole world of music which I hadn't even begun to explore in dreams. If I were to concentrate on music in dreams, where would such an exploration lead me? It seemed as if there were so many things in dreams which I was only now beginning to investigate. However, even though there was still so much for me to learn, I thought at least I had learned the importance of concentration in lucid dreams.

The scene abruptly changed on me. Suddenly I was floating through some murky water, looking through it, able to see some light in the background. I continued trying to concentrate on what I was seeing.

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