Dream of: 23 October 1990 "At The Opera"

I was in Ohio where I had gone to an opera with my old girlfriend, Carolyn. When we arrived, the opera hall was packed with people. We ascended to the balcony, where we stood in a queue and waited to be let in. After we had waited a short while, an usher led Carolyn and me inside. Some seats were still open. The usher started to seat us in two seats separated from each other, but I told him that Carolyn and I wanted to sit together. He found two seats together and seated us there.

As soon as we sat down, the opera began. I didn't have a program, but knew it was a German opera. I sank back in my seat, listened, and quickly realized the title of the opera was Mephistopheles. However, the opera dealt with the subject of Richard Wagner's "Ring" operas. Only this opera was shorter. The story was about someone who had gone to the underworld and retrieved a magical ring.

Since the opera was in German, I didn't understand much of it. Finally I found a program and was able to follow the libretto as a duet was sung. However as I listened, I realized the two singers weren't using any language at that point, but were just using sounds. I sat back and listened.

A beautiful woman was sitting on my right. I guessed that she was about 19 years old. Her leg was close to mine, and at one point her hair – which at first seemed blonde, but then seemed brown – fell down on my face, she was so close.

She was wearing a blue skirt. She continued to move her leg closer until finally it was over top of my legs. She pushed her leg up so that it was under my shirt. Carolyn, on my left, didn't seem to notice. I touched the leg a few times, and considered running my hand all the way up to her thigh. I immensely liked the girl's looks, and was starting to become aroused.

Finally, Carolyn whispered something to the girl. They both moved their faces together right in front of me as Carolyn whispered. Carolyn didn't seem angry, and she apparently only wanted to say something to the girl.

When the opera ended, I began speaking some German. The girl asked me if I knew German and I said I did. She said something in German, showing that she also obviously had been studying some German. At first I didn't understand what she had said, and I responded, "Bitte?"

She seemed to question whether I could speak German, since I hadn't understood her at first; I however thought she hadn't been pronouncing well. Obviously she hadn't studied German long. However she still spoke rather well.

Even though the girl was with a man sitting on the other side of her, she moved around and sat on my lap. I pulled her close to me and asked, "What's your name and phone number?"

She whispered to me that her name was Candy. She then whispered her phone number, which sounded like 118-468-6895. I quickly tried to memorize the number, trying not to let Carolyn know what I was doing. The girl finally stood and walked off. I would like to go see her. I wondered where the area code 118 was. I didn't recognize that area code, but I was sure I would go see her, wherever it was. I wondered how I would go and see her. I might rent a nice car in which to visit her.

As I was leaving, I passed a mirror and looked at myself. I looked quite handsome. I reflected that when the girl learned that I was a lawyer, she would probably be even more impressed.

As I was leaving, I walked near the girl, and I noticed that she was actually Carolina. When we came to some steps going down, I jumped down about 10 steps. Carolina walked down the stairs. I told her more steps were outside and she could jump down those. But when we stepped outside, I saw that too many people were at the bottom of the stairs. I jumped off the side of the stairs, landing on a small pillar. I almost hurt myself. I then jumped on down to the bottom.

Carolina slowly walked down the stairs to the bottom.

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