Dream of: 22 October 1990 "A Masterpiece"

A woman of average build (probably in her mid 40s) who was one of my teachers had invited me and the rest of my class to her house. We hadn't been in the house long when she brought out seven or eight paintings and hung them on the wall. I began looking at one, but I had a difficult time understanding it. The painting was perhaps two meters high and a meter wide. It just seemed like a mass of colors. But finally among the colors I began to see some form and soon saw the images of several people. The more I looked at it, the more meaning I began to see, until finally I realized it was quite a magnificent painting. I told the woman it was a masterpiece

I walked up closer to it and was going to describe to her what I saw. But when I drew closer to it, I realized I didn't see the same forms any more, but an entirely different set of forms. I focused on the lower right hand corner, where I had first seen the images of several people. Now I saw the vague image of two different couples, a man and woman in each couple. Each couple was reclining and kissing. I asked the woman if she saw the same thing, but she was evasive. She told me she had looked at the painting for years, and apparently she had seen many different things in it.

I was amazed that an artist could paint in different layers so that different forms were visible from different distances. It seemed to me to be quite a remarkable way of painting.

I wondered if the paintings were safe in the house. Obviously they were quite valuable. The woman then stated that the house was quite protected and that it would be very difficult for anyone to steal the paintings.

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