Dream of: 15 October 1990 "Floating Exercises"

Early in the morning I was sitting in the back yard of a large old house where I apparently was living with quite a few women. Since no one was around, I decided to sit down and do some floating exercises. I sat down on the ground with my legs crossed. I had enough power so that simply by concentrating, I was able to rise into the air. I had to concentrate deeply. When I was about a half meter off the ground, I didn't think I could go any higher. But I finally rose two or three meters into the air.

As I concentrated, I thought I might also like to do some flips, to turn myself over in mid-air. But when I tried, it was too difficult, and I ended up back on the ground.

I righted myself, concentrated, and began floating again. After floating again for a while, I began descending to the ground. I realized I had used up all my energy for the moment.

I wondered what would happen if anyone saw me. They would probably be shocked to see me floating in the air. I thought I might not be able to float if someone were watching me. Besides, I didn't mind doing it by myself.

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