Dream of: 13 October 1990 "Book Of Mysteries"

I was seated in a chair in a classroom with perhaps 30 people. The subject of the class was a book written in Spanish. I was uncertain whether I had written the book, or whether I was simply involved with the book. It was however clear that the book was about an experience which I had had.

The scene of the experience was Mexico. It appeared two other people and I had been in a war, a war which resembled the American Civil War. During the war, I invested 450,000 in something, and I was now trying to get the $50,000, plus $50,000 extra, back. However the Mexican government now had a law suit against me and everything was tied up in court.

I was also somewhat concerned the Mexican government might press criminal charges against me for some reason for something which I had done while I had been in the war.

Some mysteries which I hadn't solved were contained in the book, and I hoped the people in the class could now help me solve the mysteries. When a fellow in front of the class began talking about the book, I listened to everything he said.

I also wanted to say something to the class. First, I wanted to point out the first paragraph of the book had a great deal of information. Although the paragraph was difficult to understand, it was important. It gave the time, place and people which were contained in the book. I thought I should go to the front of the class and give a short speech in Spanish to tell the others about this so they would understand.

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