Dream of: 11 October 1990 "Cancelled Film"

I was lying in a bed in the House in Patriot. The hallway was outside the door on one side of the room, and the bathroom was on the other side of the room.

My mother (probably in her late 30s) walked through the room to go to the bathroom. She was naked except for a towel wrapped around her. When she passed by the bed, I could clearly see her butt. As she closed the bathroom door, I could also see one of her breasts.

My sister (about 18 years old) walked through the room to reach an adjoining room. She also was only covered by a towel. Attracted to her, I followed her to the next room. She didn't resist when I took the towel from her; I immediately thought I would like to have sex with her. I would even like for someone, perhaps Carolina, to film the two of us having sex together. However, I realized having sex with my sister was against the law a felony. If someone found the film, I could go to jail. Therefore I probably shouldn't make the film.

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