Dream of: 09 October 1990 "Queen Liz"

I was in a room, standing in front of three judges dressed in black. Everyone was involved in an opera in which I was supposed to do something important. When the judges asked whether I had something to say, I responded, "No."

When the judge who appeared to be the chief judge said the matter was closed, I thought everything had ended well for me. But then one of the judges -- a woman -- said she had some questions for me. That surprised and discomforted me, because I actually didn't know much about the opera.

When she asked me a question, I vacillated, not knowing how to answer. She asked me another question, something about one of the women in the opera. The name of the woman in the opera was Liz, and she was a queen of a European country. I recalled that the opera dealt with war among European countries, and that the action took place in the year 1791.

I had the written script of the opera in my hands; but it appeared quite complicated, and I clearly couldn't read it now. I recalled that I had recently read another opera, but I likewise was unable to recall what it had been about. I realized I had almost never completed an entire opera in order to understand it.

Finally, thinking that the opera concerned the French Revolution, I responded that many poems, plays and novels had covered the theme of the French Revolution.

The female judge was clearly dissatisfied with my response. The judge appeared to think the opera treated Queen Liz badly because she was a woman. The judge began screaming that my office hadn't sent to her certain papers which she had requested. I couldn't believe what she was saying, because I knew I didn't have a secretary, and all papers which came from my office came directly from me. I told the judge that I believed she was mistaken. I also asked her to produce the papers to which she was referring. But she didn't want to do that.

Meanwhile the chief judge had gone to another room behind us. The female judge also went to another smaller room. But she continued screaming at me. She said that in all the papers I wrote, I always used the pronoun "he," and never "she." I screamed back, "Man, I use 'he', I've always used 'he', and I always will use 'he'."

By now I was so upset, I went to the room of the chief judge, and told him that the female judge was crazy. He gave me a look which said he already knew that. I thought at least he would vote for me. Since I thought the woman judge would vote against me, I decided I needed to concentrate on the third judge.

When I returned to the room where the female judge was, however, I began thinking that maybe she simply needed some attention, and perhaps some sex. I began thinking about having sex with her. While I was thinking about it, it began to appear that I actually was having sex with her. When I had sex with her, she calmed down considerably.

When I had finished, I heard someone say that I should drop her; but I decided I would treat her like a lady, and not mistreat her now.

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