Dream of: 08 October 1990 "Uncovered Breast"

Carolina and I were shopping in a small store similar to a drug store. After I carried the basket of items we had found to the counter, the cashier began ringing them up. I noticed Carolina (standing to my right) was wearing a pink blouse which appeared to look more like a nightie. Her shoulders were bare down to the tops of her breasts, which appeared to be perfect. My attention turned to the cashier for a moment, and when I looked back at Carolina, I saw that her right breast was completely uncovered. I felt sure she knew it was bare, but still she made no attempt to do anything about it. I softly tried to tell her, but she seemed not to pay me any attention. Finally I touched it with a piece of cardboard I had in my hand. She got the message and covered it. Since there were a number of people behind us in the line, I was sure someone must have seen her. I became a bit angry and told her to go on home and I would meet her there later.

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