Dream of: 06 October 1990 "Ancient Temple"

Several people and I were standing in front of a television, watching one colorful attention-grabbing image after another flash onto the screen. The first picture appeared to depict a white horse flying through the air with a pearly band of light trailing it, like the tail of a comet. I thought I recognized the image as a painting which I had seen somewhere, but I couldn't remember where. The rest of the images - which appeared to be a series of paintings - passed in rapid succession. One image portrayed a man playing a musical instrument: a long tube with a fluted end. Finally a painting appeared of a man and woman floating in the air. They were standing, except they were leaning at perhaps a sixty degree angle from the ground, with their faces looking out from the upper left corner of the scene. I immediately called out, "Chagall!" When someone else behind me also blurted out "Chagall," I abruptly realized that all the paintings on the television had been painted by Chagall and that we observers had been engaged in a contest to determine who would first discover the name of the artist.

My attention turned to my surroundings. Apparently I was at a newly built attraction similar to an amusement park, only this place was unlike and far superior to any amusement park which I had ever visited. As a fellow began showing me around, I was amazed at what I beheld. Apparently lasers had created realistic-appearing images scattered all over the place. A Roman or Grecian theme seemed to predominate. Nearby were huge columns which might be used for holding up an ancient temple. The fellow and I walked along a winding path toward the zenith of a hill, which was topped with what appeared to be the huge face of a Greek or Roman man or of a God. I was thoroughly elated. I only hoped I could return again, and the next time bring my wife Carolina with me; I was sure she would enjoy it here.

We reached a point where I had to jump down a low wall to reach a different level. A small black chair had been placed against the wall so I was able to step down ono the chair, and then on down to the ground on the lower level.

Once the fellow and I reached the lower level, I was amazed to realize that some of the life-like images actually seemed to be moving around us. Close by on my right, I noticed one magnificent image, humanoid in form, but definitely not human. It was about my size, wore no clothes and was sleek and shiny. It somewhat resembled an energized statue or featureless mannequin. I wondered if I could touch it. When I walked close to it, it sat on the ground so half of its body actually disappeared below the surface. I felt as if someone were telling me that I couldn't touch the image, that my hand would go right through it. I was even afraid my touching the image might cause it to disappear.

How remarkable this all seemed to me. Indeed I felt as if a new era in mankind's history were beginning, an era when man might actually begin interacting with this type of images. It almost seemed as if stories in science fiction magazines I used to read as a boy were now becoming a reality.

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