Dream of: 04 October 1990 (2) "Geschichte"

As I was sitting in a pew in a packed church, I noticed a fellow (about 30 years old) reading a book in front of me, and for some reason I had the feeling the book was in German. I kept looking over his shoulder trying to see whether the book was German, but not until he finished and closed it could I see the German word "Geschichte" on the book. I knew the word meant both "history" and "story," and I concluded the book contained short stories and that the fellow had just finished reading one.

I would like to meet the fellow. Perhaps we could talk German together. I needed to know someone with whom I could practice speaking German. Sitting next to him was a slender woman about his same age; I likewise might like to meet her. But as I thought more about it, I felt reluctant to just introduce myself to them. If I really wanted to meet someone with whom I could speak German, I should start going to classes of German where I would certainly meet someone with whom I could talk.

When the church finally let out, I walked out without saying anything to them. Outside I found my wife Carolina who had been in the church also, and another girl (perhaps 12 years old). The girl was thin, had blonde hair, and was dressed in white. I knew who she was, but I didn't know her well.

As we began walking down the street, I suggested we fly. I knew that I knew how to fly, but that Carolina didn't. I was uncertain the girl knew how, but to my surprise, the girl took a short run and rose up into the air about seven meters off the ground. I watched as she headed down the street. I then ran and began rising into the air, soon overtaking her. We flew along together down a deserted narrow street, leaving Carolina watching us in the distance.

As we flew I began to feel very attracted to the girl. I was uncertain how she felt about me, but I was determined to find out. When we were finally quite some distance from Carolina, I guided us around a corner out of Carolina's sight. I then floated closer to her until I was touching her. I tried to slip my arm around her waist, but she seemed shocked and pushed me away. We floated back out into the street and headed back in the direction of Carolina, but once again I guided her around a corner to a side street. This time I floated in behind her and put my arm around her waist again, letting my hand rub over her breast. She resisted, but not as quickly as before, and I had the feeling that this time, she rather enjoyed my touching her. But I was uncertain I should be touching her. I felt attracted to her because she could fly like me, but obviously she was too young to be touching like that. But the attraction was too strong to resist.

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