Dream of: 03 October 1990 (2) "Lion's Breath"

While my brother Chris and I were sitting in a car in a rural, suburban area, two large lions ran through a field on the other side of the road. When I stepped from car to look more closely, I saw a whole pack (perhaps 20) of lions in the field. Wanting Chris to be able to see, I picked him up and lifted him out of the car. But when we looked, all the lions had disappeared. At the same time, I realized a large female lion was right behind me. As I began walking slowly away, a man standing nearby told me to put Chris down and keep walking. He didn't think the lion would bother Chris. I reflected that I didn't have any kind of weapon, and was in danger of being attacked by the lion. However I still hesitated to put Chris down since I was unconvinced he wouldn't be attacked. The situation was tense. The lion was so close I could feel its breath on the back of my neck.

Finally the lion simply walked away. I carried Chris to a small restaurant nearby. I met a woman inside who not only seemed to be a waitress in the restaurant, but who also apparently owned the whole place, and was responsible for the lions. I told her about the lion behind me, but she didn't believe me. She didn't think the lions would attack anyone.

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