Dream of: 03 October 1990 "Hispanic Police Officer"

A husky, swarthy man (about 40 years old) had come to visit me and stay with me for a while. He looked Hispanic, and his last name was Meza. He was the highest ranking police officer in a country which I at first thought was in Latin America, but which I finally realized was the Philippines. Although the man was a police officer, I didn't trust him. I thought he had probably killed many people himself.

I recalled I had recently read something about the man. I pulled out a copy of Newsweek and found an article about him. At first I thought the date of the magazine was 1981, but then I realized the magazine was actually only a couple weeks old. The article said he had been involved in fighting drugs in his country. A map of his country was also included in the article. Only when I showed him the map, did I realize the country was El Salvador, and not the Philippines. I pointed to some mountains on the western side of the country, and he said he recognized them. I also noticed a large city named "Lima" on the eastern side of the map.

He seemed a bit nervous. I told him I was going to read him the story in the magazine, hoping I could somewhat calm him down. We lay down on the bed together, and I began reading.

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