Dream of: 28 September 1990 "Scary Movie"

I was in the upstairs of a house which seemed like the Gay Street House, taking care of my sister and my brother Chris (both under 10 years old). I was satisfied I was doing a good job taking care of them, something I hadn't always done in the past.

Finally I grew restless, left them, and ended up in a large room in the basement. It seemed rather spooky here and I thought something or somebody scary might be down here. The room contained a large movie screen and seats as if in a movie theater. A movie was playing on the screen and I sat down to watch. The movie wasn't scary, and I reflected how frightening it would be if it were a scary movie. Nevertheless, I felt afraid and decided to leave. I thought I needed to get back anyway to Chris and my sister. I moved toward the door, but then realized I needed to turn the movie off. There was a device in the middle of the room which looked like a television which contained the controls. I hesitated, then finally went back to it and began trying to turn off the movie. I couldn't seem to do it. I noticed that on the screen it looked as if there were hands turning some controls just as I was doing. I became afraid someone was watching and filming me. I decided to forget it and I headed for the door. As I did, I began making a moaning noise hoping to ward off anyone who might be thinking of coming after me.

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