Dream of: 23 September 1990 "Controlling Man's Mind"

I had ridden a bicycle to Kentucky, across the Ohio River from Portsmouth, to a place where I had stashed some marijuana out in the country. As I approached the area, I remembered the marijuana was in a large cellophane bag, and there was about a pound of it. I also remembered the marijuana wasn't particularly good because it apparently had been mixed with something else. Since I had a small amount of much better marijuana back home, I debated whether to go for the marijuana I had stashed, or turn around and go back home for the better marijuana.

I passed an old man also riding a bicycle and then I turned onto a country lane. I was surprised to see a car pass me, and then I noticed another car nearby. Something seemed suspicious to me, and when I reached the place where I needed to turn to reach the marijuana, I turned the opposite way instead. The old man on the bicycle was near me and he said something about how lucky I was that I had turned that way. He and several other men then swooped down on me, pulled me from my bicycle, and began searching me, obviously for drugs. I protested loudly that I didn't have any drugs and that they had no right to search me. My protests didn't stop them, and the men continued emptying my pockets onto a table. By the time they had finished, perhaps a dozen policemen in blue uniforms were standing around me and helping. I was highly indignant and emotional. We all knew what they were doing was illegal, but no one seemed to care except me. I asked them how they could do that if they were policemen, but they seemed unconcerned. Finally I noticed Paul McCartney and John Lennon among the group, also dressed as policeman. They likewise obviously didn't think anything improper was going on. I looked at Paul and said, "And you Paul. I idolized you."

I said we all knew that Paul had used drugs. I asked him how he could now do what he was doing, but he didn't seem to think anything was wrong with the search. So I began talking to John. I tried to explain to him why it was wrong for society to be stopping people like this from using drugs. I said, "It is the individual man who controls man's mind, and not society."

I felt very strongly that the individual should decide what happened to his own mind.

Since the police had apparently finished with me, I began putting back into my pockets the things which they had taken out and had laid on a table. Among the items was some white powder which apparently was flour. I thought they had probably wondered why I had flour in my pocket and I thought the truth probably was that I had intended to use the flour to mix with cocaine. I scraped the flour together and put it in a small bowl. When I saw that a little white paper cup still had some flour in it, I poured the flour from the cup into the bowl. Only now did I notice a small amount of green marijuana in the bottom of the cup. I quickly grabbed up the marijuana, put it in my mouth, and chewed it. When I noticed a marijuana bud still in the flour, I likewise plopped the bud into my mouth. Apparently no one had seen the bud, and I was able to swallow it without being caught. But I had the feeling some of those present were thinking it suspicious that I was now chewing something.

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