Dream of: 21 September 1990 "AIDS Test"

Carolina and I were on a trip traveling west from the eastern part of the United States. For a while we were walking and a man was guiding us. We entered a large tunnel, which, although dark inside, contained some lights, trees and grass inside. Through the trees we walked along a path about two meters wide. I was tired of walking and wanted to get out of the tunnel. I knew there was also a road either over us or under us through the tunnel and that cars were on that road. I was somewhat concerned by that, because I thought if the road were over us, it could possibly cave in on us. I would rather be on the top part. We walked and walked until finally we saw some light. At last I was happy when we walked out into the bright light.

We continued on with our trip, passing through Texas, and then over the Mississippi River, finally reaching St. Louis, Missouri. When we reached a park I looked around for the St. Louis arch, which I wanted to take a look at, but I couldn't see it anywhere. Quite a few hippie-type people were gathered in the park. We realized we had crossed into the western part of the United States, which was more liberal than the east, and where we would probably encounter more such people. I thought the place was for poor people and that many of the ones here were traveling. Many of the people were dressed quite colorfully. I noticed three sitting together with colorful handkerchiefs around their necks. I myself was wearing an old pair of blue jeans with patches all over the front and back. My pants still had holes and I worried someone might be able to see my butt through holes in the back. Many people were just sitting around, and some had set up little shops. I saw a dentist and a lawyer; the lawyer was a fat fellow (probably 45-50 years old). Someone asked the lawyer how much he would charge for a case and he said it would depend on how much the person had or made.

Another woman here made shoes. She had a catalog with pictures of different shoes which she made. I looked through it. When someone asked her how many she had made, she said she had made twelve hundred and that they were sold in various places. I found one page in the book which she herself was surprised to see there because apparently she didn't make those anymore. Since the shoes appeared to be made of leather, I really wasn't interested in them.

People began dispersing until the only people left were the woman who made shoes and a few other people. I had been silent the entire time I had been with the shoemaker. Finally she asked me something and I told her we were just passing through and would only be here a short while. I thought we weren't going to be going much farther west, and that soon we would need to turn around and go back. We weren't going to go all the way to California.

Finally only Carolina, two women, a man I were left sitting in a room together. The man and two women were probably in their late 20s or early 30s. The man was thin, while the women were a little heavier. The women weren't very attractive and I wasn't that interested in them. Someone suggested that we all have sex together. But the person said it would be necessary for us all to first take a test to see if anyone had AIDS. We all took the test and the tests came back quickly. The man announced that three of us didn't have AIDS, but that two of us did. He pointed to one of the women and said she had it. He then said he himself had it. He said the rest of us could go into the next room and have sex. As Carolina, the other woman and I walked into the next room, the two with AIDS stayed where they were looking quite despondent. By now I felt bad for them and I didn't really feel like having sex.

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