Dream of: 15 September 1990 "Major Catastrophe"

While at the Fort Worth Rock House, I looked out the window, saw a large funnel cloud in the distance, and began thinking it might hit Jon and Cathy's trailer. I immediately left and went to their trailer to warn them. When I arrived, I went inside and hollered for Jon, but he ignored me. It was early in the morning, and he was still in bed. I tried to rouse him, telling him a large funnel cloud was coming, but he didn't seem concerned. Finally I was able to get his attention. I went back outside, unsure we would be able to see the funnel from where we were. But I could clearly see it in the distance, headed in our direction. Jon, who had followed me out, also saw the funnel and realized we were in danger.

By that time the funnel had moved closer to us. I began running away, thinking the cloud was definitely going to hit us. I could see the tornado was only in the actual area of the funnel cloud itself, cutting a path as it moved. As it approached the trailer, I saw trees fall down in its path. The cloud passed by the trailer without hitting it, but it did knock down some trees close to it.

After the funnel passed, I went back inside, where I found Cathy and two men in the living room. It looked as if nothing had happened, but Cathy told me a window had been broken out. Cathy told me I might not like it because the two men were here. It was early in the morning, and the two men had spent the night here. I thought Cathy had been having an affair with one of the men, and I didn't think I would stay long.

Cathy (only wearing a white towel wrapped around her) sat down and talked on the phone with someone. The towel only covered the bottom half of her butt, and one of her nipples was exposed. When she finally stood up, both her small breasts, which were sagging unattractively, were visible. Nevertheless, I was interested in looking at them, and I thought if she came close to me I might reach out and touch one. I began thinking that Jon was in the back room, and that it wouldn't be appropriate for me to touch Cathy if he was there. However I would probably do so anyway.

Finally Cathy covered herself up. The other two men, Cathy and I were in the room when Jon finally walked in. The others talked to each other, but no one said anything to me. I felt as if I were being completely ignored. Finally, I decided I was going to leave without even saying anything. When no one was looking, I stood, walked out the door, and headed for the small motorcycle which I had come on. After I had gotten on, and was just about to ride off, I thought I heard someone scream to me to come back. I thought they couldn't understand why I had left and had followed me outside.

I hurried off riding down the road. I thought I was going to get out of there, but right after I turned a corner, I encountered a large tree which had been blown down across the road by the tornado. I rode under the branches of the tree, hoping to be able to get through. But I soon realized I had driven off the road, and down a steep bank. I got off my motorcycle and began climbing up the bank. I could see the top ahead of me where the road bed was. Just as I reached the top, I could see the heads of some people on the road. I hunkered down so they couldn't see me. Finally I thought someone had seen me, so I stood up.

When I walked up on the road, I could see that a large rock had fallen down on the road, and was trapping some young people. I could only see their heads. I made my way around to the front of the rock and found some people standing there. Obviously this was a major catastrophe and someone needed to do something. We needed some jacks to try to jack the rock up. I thought I could hear Jon hollering in the distance, and thought I needed to go back and get him.

I could see several people were badly injured. One small boy had had his leg chopped off just below the knee, but he didn't appear to be losing much blood. I pulled him up, and he said it didn't hurt that bad. I laid him down and turned to another man with a leg chopped off, and I pulled him over to the side. I found a girl (about 10 years old) who didn't appear to be injured at all. As I continued trying to pull more people out from under the rock, I noticed many books lying around. I inferred that the people were from a school and had been on some kind of excursion. I pulled out another man who seemed okay.

Finally I pulled out a boy, and put him over to the side. But apparently he wasn't happy with the way I had laid him down. He stood up and nastily said he was going to have to file some kind of "grievance and protest" against me. I became angry with him. I went to him and wrestled him to the ground, telling him to sit down. I said, "There's not going to be any grievance and protest."

Jon and another fellow showed up. I was happy to see him, and began trying to explain what was going on. I knew someone was going to have to go back and get some more help, but I thought we needed to first try to pull out as many people as we could. But after we tried to pull out some more, I realized someone needed to go back and get some more help, because the rock might fall over and crush the remaining people. I said to Jon, "I was wrong. Somebody has to go back."

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