Dream of: 13 September 1990 "Hallucinating In Church"

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Duff (with whom I first came in contact in 1964 when we were both in the seventh grade) was sitting across from me at a table, telling some fellows also sitting at the table about hallucinogenic drugs, including several different types of LSD, which Duff planned to give to one of the fellows. As Duff described the drugs, I posed questions about each one, and I asked Duff if I could have some. Duff gave me a portion of almost everything, including some LSD on a piece of paper, and a half of a white tablet of something else.

I told Duff that I now lived in California, and that there was no LSD where I lived; or rather, the LSD was available, but I didn't know how to obtain it.

After consuming all the drugs at once, I sat back and waited for them to take effect. As my expectations grew, the room began to seem as if it were inside a church. I thought I was probably not actually in a church, but that I was simply beginning to feel the hallucinatory effects of the drugs. Perhaps I was going to have a religious experience concerning God and my relationship with God. At least I hoped I was going to have such an experience.

As I waited, I picked up a book which resembled something Carlos Castaneda might have authored. When I opened the book and tried to read it, I had acute difficulty focusing on the words. However, I was able to make some sense out of most of what I read. Finally, still reading the book, I stood up and walked out of the room.

Although I understood that the book was describing a mystical system of beliefs, the section which I was reading seemed quite logical and devoid of mysticism. The logical section seemed to mirror my current life and my own mind-set. However, I wasn't interested in reading this section. I wanted to hurry to another part of the book, an unrealistic section which would describe the kind of mysticism which I hoped to experience with the drugs I had taken.

As I read, I began to feel as if someone were walking beside me, and either from my reading the book, or from a conversation with the person, the subject of doing things for other people arose. I reflected how I was only concerned with myself, and the only person for whom I ever did anything was myself. Clearly, however, doing things for others was the key to the mystical system which I was reading.

As I continued reading, I also realized the book was describing a place very close to where I was. The book said some dead bodies had been thrown into a pit in a nearby rocky area. I immediately decided I wanted to see the pit, and I began walking in the direction of the rocky area.

As soon as I reached the rocky area, I saw that I would have to ascend a rather steep rocky path to reach the pit which looked like a large crater up on top of the rocky area. Dead bodies would be lying at the bottom of the crater. If I would mount to the top of the path, I would be able to stand on the rim of the crater and gaze down to where the bodies were lying.

However, as I climbed the treacherous path, the ascent became steeper and steeper, until finally I was afraid I was going to tumble backwards and injure myself. Concluding that I wasn't going to be able to reach the top, I began gingerly backing down the path. I made a mistake, strayed off the path, and soon found myself hanging onto the side of a cliff.

From where I dangled, I could look below me and I saw a huge animal standing not far away. I could not distinguish the animal clearly, but I thought it might be a buffalo. I could simply let loose and drop to the bottom where the animal was. It wasn't a long drop and I could probably fall without injuring myself. Finally I let go, fell, and fortunately landed safely intact.

As soon as I hit solid ground, the animal walked up to me and I saw that it was actually a large brown longhorn bull. I was worried that the bull might try to attack me. When it suddenly lunged at me, I seized both horns, one horn in each hand, and wrestled the bull to the ground. I was unsure what I was going to do with the bull, but at least I kept myself from being hurt.

 My mother and I were later in a house together, talking about the fact that I had taken the hallucinogenic drugs. I didn't feel good about having consumed the drugs, and I wanted to end the experience as soon as possible. However it was still quite early in the morning, and I had only begun to feel the effect of the drugs. I was also concerned because I was supposed to contact my wife Carolina later in the day, and I didn't want her to know I had taken the drugs. My mother agreed I should first finish my drug escapade before contacting my wife Carolina.

When Carolina came to the house, she realized I had taken some drugs, but she didn't seem terribly upset about it. I didn't want to discuss the matter with her, but I told her I didn't take drugs often. I explained, "It's better if you wait aņo y media."

Dream Commentary of April 9, 2015

The theory that the Holy Ghost creates the dreams of everyone is satisfying and disturbing at the same time. It is easy to say that a benevolent being is sending us messages in our dreams as to how to live our lives, yet the ramifications - if the theory is true - are staggering.

A somewhat distant corollary to the above theory is that the Holy Ghost not only communicates directly to people in dreams, but that the Holy Ghost creates stories which are expressed together in a number of dreams concentrated on one symbol. For example, all the dreams of a dream-journalist which contain the symbol of a wolf might contain a unique story when read together.

For some, publishing dreams on the Dream Journal may be a religious experience concerning God and one's relationship with God. For others, the experience may entail logic devoid of mysticism. God's methods are certainly veiled in the deepest mystery. Yet clues to unlock that mystery may be provided to us by the Holy Ghost in our dreams.

It is indeed a possibility that for dream-journalists, messages given in a dream may not be comprehensible for a long time, until the long story contained in a series of dreams has wound itself out. Such for me is the church in my dreams, for after many years, I still do not know exactly what the church means to me, but I suspect more strongly than ever that my dreams of churches dovetail with my vision of the Dream Journal - surely both places look to the touching of God.

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