Dream of: 10 September 1990 (2) "Tightly Hugging"

I was in the Gay Street House with my brother Chris (14-15 years old) who was sitting in his wheelchair. I had recently seen a show on television about dogs trained from birth to help disabled people. The show had featured a large brown dog. I thought Chris needed such a dog which would be able to pull him around in his wheelchair. The dog take Chris downtown or pick up things which Chris had dropped.

A small brown dog with curly hair was running around where we were. I thought perhaps it could be trained, but I concluded it was probably too old.

I walked into the middle office where I found my father. I sat down on a couch next to him and told him about the show I had seen and what a wonderful thing it would be for Chris. I told him the dog could even take Chris all the way to the Ohio River and back. He seemed interested in knowing more, but he also seemed skeptical.

When my father mentioned that three people had been killed in an auto accident in Kentucky, I thought perhaps my grandmother Mabel had been killed. As we sat there, however, my grandmother and my step-grandfather Clarence came to the door. I then realized that Clarence's mother, whose name was Dora, had been involved in the crash, and that she was responsible for killing the three people. I recalled that I had never liked Dora. I thought she was too old to be driving. And now she had killed three people.

My grandmother and Clarence walked in and sat down. My grandmother sat to my right and I put my arm around her. My father said something about pulling her close to me. I pulled her closer and hugged her tightly.

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