Dream of: 10 September 1990 "Antomine"

I had met a black-haired girl (14-15 years old). Apparently she lived in a rooming house with several other girls. I felt guilty about being attracted to her because she was so young. I also thought my wife Carolina would be upset if she knew I was seeing another girl.

I was riding a small bicycle in the area where she lived. I didn't want to go into the rooming house, because I didn't want anyone there to know I was coming to see the girl. However I rode by and saw several girls sitting on the porch. I stopped and walked my bicycle up onto the porch, where I saw the girl, who was wearing braces on her teeth. Since she didn't know I had come here to see her, she didn't pay much attention to me.

A fellow (about 30 years old) showed up whom I recognized as Martin, even though I couldn't remember his first name. I remembered he used to date King and I thought if I said her name I would remember his. I repeated King's name, but I still couldn't remember his name and he couldn't remember mine. He seemed to be in good shape. I asked him why he hadn't come to our 20 year class reunion. When he told me he had been in Paris, France, I understood why he wouldn't have wanted to come from so far away.

When another girl began complaining about how many people were here, some people began dispersing. I rode my bike down the stairs, bumping along. At the bottom was the young girl in whom I was interested. Two other girls were with her and they all were on bicycles. I thought I might ride along with them. The young girl seemed friendly, but the other two didn't seem as if they wanted me around.

So I walked off alone, finally riding into an empty abandoned building, where I thought I noticed some pews. Martin soon walked in and said to get ready, because we were going to go somewhere to get some drugs. He mentioned the names of several synthetic drugs, one of which was "antomine," which were supposed to be better than cocaine. I was anxious to get the drugs. I wondered whether they were uppers or downers, and whether they might have aphrodisiac qualities such as sopors. Instead of the word "aphrodisiac" I kept thinking of the word "amphetamine," unable to recall the correct word. I had taken my shoes off and I quickly began putting them back on.

At the same time I wondered how people could tell whether someone was a narcotics officer. I had known Martin for so long I didn't think he was a nark, but I thought sometimes even old acquaintances would become informants to have charges dropped when they had been arrested. Sometimes a problem arose when an acquaintance was arrested and turned informant without one's knowing about the arrest.

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