Dream of: 08 September 1990 (2) "The Necessity Of Spiders"

there is no escape from reality

After I heard about a man who intended to build a project which looked like a large water pipe, I looked on a map to see where he lived, then I headed for his house, which was difficult to reach because he lived over some rough terrain and far away from everyone. I finally had to climb to the top of a hill, where I found his house. As I walked around outside the house, I could look through the trees and partially see the splendid view of a large city in the valley below.

I walked inside the man's house, where I met the man in the kitchen. He would have nothing to do with me and he brusquely told me to leave. I remained standing until other people entered the kitchen and sat down. When I saw one person who looked like Dale Phillips (a strong fellow with whom I went to junior high school), I remembered that Dale had been the person who had first told me about this man and his project. Dale didn't notice me standing there for a while, but when he did notice me, he formally introduced me to the man. Dale explained to the man that I had some particular abilities to do the work which the man needed done. Finally the man agreed to hire me.

As I prepared to go to work, I walked into another room to retrieve a towel. When I opened a drawer where the towels were kept, I discovered a spider web in front of the towels, and I knocked it aside. I noticed something caught in the web and I recalled that the spider which had built the web was important for the project on which I was working, and that the web - which had obviously required a long time to build - needed to be there. I took all the towels out of the drawer so I wouldn't have to knock down the web the next time I needed towels. I took my towels into the next room where I found a man who was going to be working closely with me on the project. I told him about the spider web and I told him I wouldn't need to tear down the web again because I had taken all my things out of there. He seemed glad to hear that. I also thought in the future I would begin feeding the spiders things, such as flies, by putting the flies in the web for the spider.

Later, the same man and I were walking down a street as we discussed the project. I told him we needed to have certain information, such as the pressure per square inch on such a water pipe. Such info would be important to determine how we would build the water pipe. Afterward, the man and I decided to enlist in the military service. We boarded a bus and were in a hurry to reach a destination where combat was going to be taking place.

As I looked more closely at the man, however, I realized he was actually my wife Carolina. When the bus turned onto a street where I hadn't intended to go, thus making our trip longer, I complained to Carolina that she should have determined beforehand which way the bus would be traveling. Abruptly, however, I realized that I could have found out that information myself, and that I didn't have any right to be complaining to Carolina. I tapped her on the knee and apologized.

I wondered to which base we were traveling. I hoped we weren't headed to a nearby base called Fort Bragg. I wanted to go to another base where I knew all the action was going to take place.

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