Dream of: 08 September 1990 "Pieces of Musical Instruments"

I had walked into a music store where I was buying pieces to several different musical instruments. In my hand I had a golden clarinet without the reed. I ran my hand up and down the clarinet's keys, imagining the satisfying pleasure of actually playing the instrument. My fingers seemed to fit well on the keys -- playing it might not be so difficult. I would only have to learn how to move my fingers. I recalled my father used to play the clarinet and the saxophone what would he think if I started playing the clarinet? I also thought I would like to pick up a saxophone while I was here.

A woman was gathering 10-12 different instruments together for me. She didn't have the pieces to all, and clearly I would have to return the next day for the remaining pieces. I decided I would leave and come back.

An older man began complaining about the reactions of Americans to the dictator of Iraq, Sadam Hussein. The man wanted the issue of whether the Americans should attack Hussein put to a vote.

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