Dream of: 07 September 1990 "My Best Friend"

I was at a seminar on bankruptcy law. I was in a large, luxurious conference hall. Most people in the room were men, and most were wearing suits. The seats were arranged in ascending rows around a central stage, somewhat like an amphitheater. One side of the room was all glass. The podium for the speakers was on the stage. But speakers weren't confined to the stage, and were able to move around among the seats.

A attractive woman with a very pretty face spoke. She was slender and had dark brown hair. During her speech, she mentioned Connie Chung to illustrate a point. She said she had known Connie Chung 17 years ago. At that time, Chung had decided to work in television, and the speaker had decided to work in bankruptcy. At the time, the woman hadn't thought Connie Chung had known what she was doing. The woman tried to show that time had shown that Connie Chung had known what she was doing. Chung had become highly successful, even though she had been unsuccessful when she had started out. The woman speaking, on the other hand, had been successful when she had first started practicing bankruptcy. But over the years, her success had leveled off.

The woman also talked about Chung's marriage. I wasn't sure whom Chung had married. But the more I thought about it, I thought she had married Morley Safer. However that seemed different from what the woman was saying. I wondered if Chung had married one man first, and then married Safer later.

The woman looked as if she might be in her early 40s. I thought she was about 4 years older than I.

When she finished, a man wearing a gray suit began speaking about bankruptcy. He also mention Connie Chung and picked up her story. As I listened, I was lying on my side. I closed my eyes for a moment, only to be startled by hearing the speaker address me personally. It was as if I were in a classroom. The speaker wanted me to tell him what he had just said. I knew exactly what he had said and I repeated what he had just finished saying.

The man's features resembled those of Eddie Albert. I repeated exactly what he had said. One of the questions was how long Chung had used a particular ashtray. I repeated what the man had said, "Seventeen years."

He asked me some other questions. Finally he asked me about an instrument she had played. I replied, "You never said anything about that."

He looked around the room and the other people agreed that he hadn't said anything about an instrument. But I still had the feeling that he was referring to a cello which Chung had played at one time.

He finally seemed satisfied with my answers, and he continued with his speech, walking around the room. I began paying closer attention. The man asked, "Where are the great builders?"

He also spoke about real estate. Although he was a bankruptcy lawyer, he was trying to make the point that the time for bankruptcy law had passed. It was time for lawyers to become involved with building. I could see his point. Bankruptcy lawyers knew a lot of law, which they could convert to different areas of law if they wanted to. But I wasn't particularly interested. Even though I knew I had practiced bankruptcy law, I didn't feel like going into another area of law. However, I could see his point. He was trying to say that other areas of law were more concerned with building and improving things than bankruptcy law.

The man also referred to some books. There was a bookshelf with some books on it. But some of the books were backwards on the shelf so their titles couldn't be read. The title of some of the books was My Best Friend. He highly praised those books. Apparently the books came out every month. I didn't know what was in them, but I thought it was curious the way they had been placed on the shelf.

As the man spoke, I realized my attention had lapsed. I hoped the man wouldn't ask me any more questions, because I really didn't know what he had said.

I looked around the room and noticed that everyone else was sitting up. I had wondered if it was all right to lie down at these affairs and I had concluded that it was. However I decided to sit up. I pulled the green cover off me. I realized I was the only one here with a cover, and I pushed it down by my side.

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