Dream of: 05 September 1990 (2) "The Bishop"

Carolina, a man named Carl, and I had ridden out into a large field where we found a large garage which belonged to Harold (the father of my friend, Jon). Carl apparently was Harold's son. After we looked around, I noticed Carl had disappeared.

Carolina and I found an old red car which looked as if it were a Ford Fairlane from the late sixties. We got into it and I was surprised when I was able to start it. We drove around the field, finally stopped in front of the garage, and stepped out of the car.

I looked through the large, open garage door, but I didn't see anything inside. But I did hear someone coming from across the field, and looked to see who it was. A gaunt man walking across the field hollered at me as if he knew me. He looked like a one of Jon's relatives, but I had never met him. As he talked, it became obvious he was either mentally retarded or suffering from a mental problem. I had the feeling he had been sent away, but had now returned. He said he had come back to help me work. I felt apprehensive. I didn't trust him. I told Carolina if anything funny happened, she should run across the field and get out of here.

I asked the man if he knew me. He didn't answer, but said he wanted to work for me. He moved closer to me, suddenly grabbed both my wrists, and began struggling with me. I told Carolina to run, but she didn't leave. The man was so weak, I was quickly able to overcome him. I picked up a small switch and began swinging it at him, trying to push him away. I easily dealt with him.

Hearing someone else in the field, I looked up and saw a portly man (about 50 years old) hastening toward us. He was dressed like a Catholic bishop. He was laughing. He was holding a large branch of a tree with leaves on it. When he reached us, he began swinging the branch at the fellow whom I had subdued. It appeared the bishop took care of the retarded fellow, who had managed to escape. The bishop seemed amused we were being bothered by the retarded fellow. I thought the bishop was being overly harsh by hitting the fellow with the large branch.

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