Dream of: 04 September 1990 (2) "Anger In The Church"

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I was sitting in a pew in a church. A fellow was seated on my right, and on the other side of him sat another man who resembled one of my bankruptcy clients, an abrasive man named Allen. The abrasive man began arguing out loud with the fellow next to me, even while the preacher was preaching. When the preacher stopped and looked in our direction, I indicated who was causing the problem, saying, "It's the man over there."

The preacher tried to talk to the man, but the man was simply out of control, furious about something. Nevertheless, the preacher continued talking politely to him. Finally it became clear that although the preacher would be giving a service today, people could return to the church on Saturday and pray. The preacher suggested it might be better for the angry man to return on Saturday to prayer service at which time the man would be able to talk. The man seemed to calm down somewhat. It looked as if the man was going to depart and leave the church in peace.

I was sitting in a different part of the church when a woman (probably in her mid 50s) walked up. She resembled Betty Richhart (about 60 years old, the wife and secretary of a business acquaintance who often referred bankruptcy clients to me). She was carrying a lit marijuana joint in her hand which was unevenly burnt about half way down one side. Although she knew I hadn't been smoking marijuana lately, she asked me if I wanted the joint. I knew that I hadn't smoked any marijuana for about a month and I also knew that I had previously discussed smoking marijuana with the preacher. I didn't want to betray the preacher, but I thought smoking some marijuana right now (just for a little relief) wouldn't hurt anything. Nevertheless, I told her to take the joint away, that I didn't want any. She wanted to know if I was suffering because I wasn't smoking. I told her no, but then I added that sometimes I did feel some intense pressure, some intense pain. I told her I didn't "drag myself around in the gutter" just because of that. She seemed pleased by my comment. Then I added that if she left the joint there, I would definitely smoke it. She took it away, and I felt a bit of relief, but I also felt the strong urge to smoke.

Dream Commentary of March 8, 2015 

Supposedly churches and mosques and temples are places of peace, just as I want to think of the Dream Journal as a peaceful place. Yet churches and mosques and temples often are not places of peace, just as the Dream Journal is sometimes not peaceful. Just as anger sometimes seeps into a church, so too with the Dream Journal.

Although manifestations of anger in dreams on the Dream Journal are common, manifestation of anger toward other dream-journalists in dreams is not so common. Yet it has been a popular emotion with a few. I do not have a firm opinion about this, but I tend to think that anger by one dream-journalist toward another dream-journalist in a dream actually often originates from anger at one's self. At least that sometimes appears to be true in my case when I display anger toward other dream-journalists in my dreams.

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