Dream of: 04 September 1990 "Prisoner Of War"

While in Vietnam, I was captured by the Vietnamese. As I was being held with several other prisoners in a empty cargo car on a train, the Vietnamese began harassing some of the prisoners. While a prisoner was seated on his butt on the floor, the Vietnamese would pick him up, shake him and act as if they were going to beat him. The prisoner would then pull himself together to protect himself, especially his testes. Finally the Vietnamese came over to begin harassing me. I was quite frightened because I had never been tortured before, and I didn't know how I would stand up. But just as they were about to start, there was an explosion, as if a bomb had hit the train. As the car filled with smoke, I made my way to the side of the car, which appeared to be made of plaster board. I fell through the plaster board and outside of the train onto the ground. I lay on the ground a moment, finally rolling over under the train. But there was so little space under the train, I knew if it started up I would probably be crushed.

I lay trying to figure out what I would do. Perhaps I would crawl out and try to crawl up on top of the train. But I didn't even know where I was. I knew even if I escaped from my captors, and was far behind enemy lines, I would have no source of food or water. I was unsure whether I was in uniform. If not, I could be captured as a spy. Perhaps I should just give myself up and get back inside the car on the train. The decision was difficult.

One factor in my deliberations was that I didn't think my captors were part of the regular army. It might be better if I were captured by the regular army and held as a prisoner of war.

I also considered the possibility that some friendly Vietnamese could find me and hide me, perhaps in a hole under their house. But then if the Americans didn't win the war, I could be stuck there long after the war ended. So that likewise might not be a good idea.

Perhaps being a prisoner of war would be the best. 

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