Dream of: 03 September 1990 "God's Gifts"

While sitting in a movie theater, I noticed two old school mates from junior high and high school, Dale and Ramey, sitting nearby. I recalled that I had talked with them earlier.

A black-haired woman (perhaps 20 years old) walked up and sat in the seat on my right. I was slouched so far down in my seat that I was practically lying in it. The woman scooted down next to me so that our faces were almost touching. I found her attractive and within moments we were kissing. In an odd manner she was able to stick her particularly soft lips into my mouth.

Two other women were on the other side of her; I was also interested in them. When the black-haired woman moved her head down near my waist, I began kissing the woman on the other side of her. I thought maybe the third woman could also come around to my left and I could likewise have contact with her; but since she had small breasts, she didn't attract me much.


I was still sitting in the same seat, but the women were no longer with me; the theater seemed to have been converted into a large classroom. Rather than actually being here myself, it seemed more as if I were outside of myself, observing from afar what was transpiring. It was more as if I were focusing on a young man with whom I strongly identified. The experience was similar to watching a movie in which I related to the main character.

The slender blond-haired fellow (with whom I identified) was perhaps 17 years old. He was sitting in the classroom, vaguely listening to a teacher give a lecture. He wasn't paying much attention to the lesson, because he was distracted by thoughts of a project which he had been secretly conducting here at night when no one else was present. At night he had been experimenting with light, and had learned to use a highly sophisticated machine to focus light to a single point.

Under cover of darkness, when the young fellow would return alone to this room at night, the room seemed part of a titanic indoor stadium, with a domed roof. To conduct his experiment, the fellow would use a machine to focus light to a point up in the very center of the high dome.

In the course of the experiments, some peculiar things had begun to occur. Before the fellow could focus the light, the stadium sometimes became black as pitch. When the light would finally begin to flicker into focus, people could be seen sitting in the bleachers of the stadium, even though no people were supposed to be there. It was unclear whether the people were actually there, or whether they were just images. The fellow had even been able to identify some of the people his mother, for instance. But he had no idea who most of the people were, and he felt somewhat afraid of them.


The young man continued to work on his project at nights; but he began to realize that something bizarre was happening during his visits to the stadium, and he felt as if he were losing control of the situation. One night, as he was preparing to work on his experiments, he was walking under the stadium's bleachers, when he suddenly realized something was terribly wrong. He had stumbled into an immense dark room, and when he began walking around the room and opening up the many doors along the walls of the room, he saw nothing but piceous darkness on the other side of each door.

He darted from door to door, discovering the same thing behind each door which he opened. Suddenly he realized what had happened: he had lost his mind in this place. His mind was here, but his body was somewhere else, perhaps reposing in a mental hospital somewhere. Perhaps even now his mother was standing beside his body looking at him. As he began wondering if the sounds and movements he made here might be transferred to his real body (wherever it was), he bellowed out some words, hoping maybe someone near his body would hear him.

Although he realized his mind might be stuck here in this place forever, he continued trying to think of a way out, opening one door after another. Finally he noticed that behind the doors, instead of pure darkness, he could see a bit of light falling on a stairway. At first he didn't pay much attention to the barely visible stairs, because he was still too afraid to go through any of the doors. Finally in a flash he knew what to do, and with a surge of great courage, he passed through one of the doors into the darkness and ascended the dimly lit stairs.

Once again he reached the area where he had originally started, the area in the stadium where he had first begun conducting his experiments. He walked straight to a large machine which he had been using. The machine resembled a metal block, the top of which was perhaps a meter long and a half meter wide. As he laid both hands on top of the metal block, he could feel its smooth surface. He knew exactly where to place his fingers to activate the machine. Knowing how to use the metal block made him feel strong; this was where he belonged.

Once he had activated the block, light began streaming from different sources in the stadium. All the light was focused on a point up high in the center of the dome which covered the stadium. This time the light was far stronger than it had ever been in the past when the fellow had conducted his experiments. And the area on which the light was focused was much more defined than it had ever been. The light seemed focused on a device with many little cells of light in the center of the dome. As the cells began to glow, the young man began to feel transported as if he too were somehow involved in the flow of light.

He allowed himself to go with the flow, soon finding himself in outer space, watching millions of unchartered stars pass him, awed by the incredible beauty of what he was witnessing. A choir seemed to be singing in the background.

Through it all, the fellow believed his experience was somehow linked with his need to return to his body. He still felt as if only his mind were here, while his body was somewhere else. Suddenly he knew where his actual body was it was in the classroom where he had originally started, the classroom where the teacher was teaching his students. What was more, the fellow realized who he was he was no longer the student in the class; he was the teacher. He realized that even now, while his mind was in outer space, his body was standing in front of the classroom, teaching the students.

Realizing where his real body was gave the fellow the ability to experience the trip through outer space and still be teaching a class at the same time. In fact, even as he was teaching the class, he began trying to convey to the students what he was experiencing in outer space. Cognizant that he had a gift which allowed him to do what he was doing, he announced to the class, "We must explore the gifts that God has given us."


I, meanwhile, was sitting in a seat in the class, relating quite well with the teacher, whose mind was still in outer space. Across the aisle from me was seated his mother. The teacher was still unsure about who all the people in the class were. But as he prepared to leave, the students asked him to stay and continue talking, which he did.

As I sat in the class, I gradually began to realize I was dreaming; I thought of trying to control the dream. So much material was already here, however, I thought I needed to wake up and write it down. If I dreamed any further, I might forget what had taken place.

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