Dream of: 25 August 1990 "Dachasme"

Several other men who seemed to be in the military and I were going to take a journey into a long rocky cave. I was in a big hurry to get to the cave and get started because some other soldiers who seemed to be Nazis were going to join us at the cave and go with us. I had a plan to beat the Nazis to the cave, go in and plant some traps for the Nazis. With the help of the other soldiers with me, I wanted to plant some explosives in the cave and connect them to cords which we would put across the path in the cave. When the Nazis came along they would trip the cords and the explosives would cause them to be buried under the rocks.

But when I reached the cave, I was disappointed to find the Nazis already there. I began thinking of an alternate way to dispose of them.


I was apparently in prison as a prisoner of war. I was sitting in a large dining hall with other prisoners at tables. I had somehow learned that there was a way to escape from this place, but the escape had to take place today. If I could just reach a certain area on the street outside the dining hall, I couldn't be recaptured. But one problem I had was that I was crippled and in a wheelchair.

Another prisoner walked up behind me and began wheeling me. We were soon outside on the street in front of the dining hall. I realized he was trying to escape and he was going to take me with him. He began running as he pushed me down the street. We just had a little farther to go, but just as we reached the corner, my wheel chair tipped over and I flew unto the sidewalk. The other fellow hesitated, then ran off down the street, obviously succeeding in his escape. But as I lay here sprawled on the sidewalk, I thought I had also crossed the line and was now free. I thought no one would be able to take me back now.


Early one morning, after some adventure, I walked up to a bus stop in New Boston. A number of other people, mostly young women, also began gathering. I felt a bit strange because I was wearing an article of clothing so that my hands were inside it and I didn't stick them out the sleeves. I sat down and a large dog walked up to me. Since I didn't want to have anything to do with the dog, I stood up. It appeared that the dog was going to bother me, but finally it left me alone.

I turned to my left and noticed a fellow (probably in his 20s) whom I recognized. He was slender and had black hair. I remembered he had once been going with me to the house where I had been the night before. It vaguely seemed as if the house was where Ramo lived, but I identified the house as belonging to someone named Leroy. I told the fellow standing next to me that I had had quite an adventure in the house the night before. But then I suddenly remembered that I hadn't been in that house at all, but that I had apparently been in the House in New Boston.

The fellow seemed interested, and I began to think my adventure wasn't over yet. I began telling him that part of what had occurred had concerned an animal called a "Dachasme." But I wasn't sure what kind of animal that was. A book was produced and opened to a page which showed the animal. I was surprised to see that it was a beautiful colorful bird. At first I thought it was a parrot of some sort, but then I thought it wasn't a parrot, because I had seen that type of parrot before and I thought it was known by another name. No, I thought it was some other kind of bird. It had several different colors in it such as red and blue. In the picture it was sitting on a the limb of a tree.

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