Dream of: 24 August 1990 "Quite A Chore"

I was with my mother in the House in Patriot when some people showed up with four children and wanted to know if I would take care of them while they went somewhere. It seemed as if there was a woman and two men, and one man was black and the other was perhaps Hispanic. I didn't think they would be gone long and I agreed to take care of the children. One child was just a baby, a boy probably eight or nine months old. The others were probably around five, six and seven years old. The three adults soon said good-bye and left.

My mother also had to leave, but before she left she seemed upset that I was going to be disturbed by having to take care of the children. She seemed to think it was going to be quite a chore. I pointed out to her that a blue cloth belt was on the floor, and if the children misbehaved I would put them in order with the belt. But actually I had no intention of using the belt.

As soon as my mother left, I began having problems with the children. The baby crawled over to the kitchen door and tried to push the screen open to get out. I went over to pick him up, but he resisted and I had a terrible time trying to get him. He was much stronger than I had expected and it took all my strength to pull him away from the door. I even put my head down close to his bare back and lightly bit. But I immediately thought that wasn't a good idea because I certainly didn't want to leave any marks on him. Finally I was able to pick him up and lock the screen door. After locking it I put him back down, only to discover a few minutes later that he had pushed the screen open at the bottom and had slipped out. I immediately raced outside and grabbed him up from the grass. But once again I had quite a struggle and he even tried to bite me. This time when I went back inside I locked both the screen door and the heavy main door so he couldn't possibly get out.

But now I discovered that the other children had disappeared into the other part of the house. I had intended for them to stay right there in the kitchen/living room area where I was. Now I was going to have to go search for them. This was obviously going to be much more of a chore than I had anticipated.

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