Dream of: 21 August 1990 "Prisoner Of Robots"

I was driving along in a country area, when I finally realized I was lost. Another man and woman were with me, and we finally stopped at a small community.


After being in the community for several days, staying in a small house, I finally realized I was a prisoner and I couldn't leave. The entire community of people was programmed in some fashion so the people weren't really human. They seemed more like robots. The woman who had come here with me was already programmed like them and I could see that they were now trying to program me.

I walked out on the porch one day and saw men in suits standing around the house so I was unable to leave. However I spoke to one and I arranged for an old 1957 Chevrolet to be brought to me so I could work on it. I planned to fix it up and escape in it. I thought that I had an idea of the area where I had vanished into this eerie world, and that I would be able to get back out in that area.

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