Dream of: 19 August 1990 "Dream Characters"

Sitting in a room on the second floor of a two-story house, I was reading a book about a man who used to write stories about his dreams. The stories were about certain people who had appeared in his dreams; several pages contained pictures which had been drawn of the characters and poetic descriptions of each character. One character was named Maria. I was most interested in her, because she reminded me of Carolina. I flipped through several pages of characters and their pictures, finally coming to Maria, the main character of the story. Her picture was beautiful. She had jet black hair, was about 20 years old, and had a colorful shawl wrapped around her head. I had seen pictures before like that by some artist.

I flipped on in the book to a commentary about the writer. Although the writer had written well at one point in life, the commentary said he later became sloppy, and he didn't even write for an hour and a half a day. But it appeared that he might still be alive and that although he had left his work uncompleted, he might still be able to finish it.

I looked out the window and saw Carolina down below, apparently cleaning something out of her car, a Volkswagen bug. It looked as if several other people also were down there coming in and out of the house. I walked to the door of my room and opened it. A woman was standing in the room across the hall. It startled me because I was completely naked. I held the book in front of me over my penis, and backed into my room.

I looked at my naked body in front of a full length mirror. I was in quite good shape. Apparently I had lost some weight and was now fairly muscular. I quickly put on some white undershorts and a pair of beige pants. I headed for the door again, but realized I hadn't pulled my pants up enough and the white shorts were showing over the top. I pulled them up farther and then put on a nice white shirt. Looking at myself in the mirror and seeing that I now appeared quite elegant, I headed for the door.

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