Dream of: 17 August 1990 "Old Wallpaper"

I was sitting in the office of what appeared to be the Fort Worth Rock House, and was talking with a black woman and her son, whom I apparently was helping in some legal matter. The son was tall and appeared to be in his late teens. Somehow the conversation turned to the son's shoes, and the woman talked about how he had to have the most expensive shoes and how frequently he had to have new shoes. The boy then said something about how if he were to step in some dung he would say the shoes "looked like shit" and would have to have some new ones.

They pointed out that the ones he was wearing had just been purchased the day before, and spoke of how expensive they had been. The shoes looked nice, but they didn't seem to me to be quite as nice as the ones I had just seen him wearing the day before. They were white with blue trim. He stood and walked in the room in front of me.

Since it was time for them to leave, I rose to escort them out. They had already walked to the hallway where the door was when I saw a large waterbug near the chair where the woman had been sitting. I tried to step on it, but missed and it ran to the hallway where they were, scurrying across the floor behind them. I hoped they wouldn't see it and think the house was infested with bugs. The bug ran to the side of the wall and tried to hide under some wallpaper which came all the way to the floor. Without their seeing me, I managed to step on it and squash it. They then left.

I turned my attention to the little hallway. It seemed as if the house was actually a large, old frame house. The wallpaper on the wall of the hallway was just hanging in parts. I grabbed a piece of it and pulled it off. I continued pulling off the layers of the wallpaper, finally reaching several of the oldest dark brown layers of wallpaper. Part of the wallpaper was moist, and I recalled having previously wetted it so I would be able to pull it off easier, as I was now doing.

As I continued working, I received a phone call from Turin (a Dallas attorney). As we talked, Turin told me he was now living in a motel in Dallas. He explained that he had gotten behind on his rent and had to move out of his apartment. I thought this might be an opportunity for me, and wondered if I should propose that we get an apartment together or share an office together. But then I thought that wasn't a very good idea, and I rather chastised myself for always being an opportunist. Besides, I had enough to occupy myself with what I was doing without running off to Dallas.

I continued working on the wall, trying to figure out if it was wood or plaster board under the wallpaper. It appeared to be wood in some parts, but plaster board in other. Finally I was able to pull part of the wall back, as if it were on hinges like a refrigerator door, except that the front of the door was missing so there was a large hole there. It looked as if someone had put up some plaster board at one time over the original wood.

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