Dream of: 14 August 1990 "Middle Of A Nuclear War"

the meaning is in the future

I found myself living in a room in a city which I identified as Brussels, Belgium. I was thinking about all the magnificent buildings and sculptures I could look at in the city if I would search them out. As I looked out my window, I realized that two large buildings - perhaps churches - were just across the street, quite splendid in appearance and decorated with numerous stone carvings.

I was uncertain whether I would stay in Brussels, but I thought this area of the world had always pleased me. I figured most people would be speaking French, and I would enjoy that. It seemed as if I might just stay.

I was in an apartment of a tall apartment building. It was night and the lights were on in the apartment. It was gradually becoming clear to me that a war had begun. Although a nuclear bomb had been dropped on the city, the city hadn't been completely destroyed, and most buildings, although damaged, were still standing. As I looked out the window at a tall building on the other side of the street, I realized that no lights were on in that building. It suddenly occurred to me that enemy troops had already invaded the city and that they were probably looking for lights in windows to determine where people still were.

Alarmed, I walked into the bedroom, stepped to the closet and pulled a revolver off a top shelf from under some white clothes. I stared at the revolver which had two small red bullets in its chambers, but they weren't next to each other and I thought I needed to load the gun so the bullets would be right next to each other. I retrieved another revolver from a place where I knew it had been hidden. The second revolver was smaller than the first, but both had brown, wooden handles. I walked down the hall with a gun in each hand, thinking how I looked somewhat like a cowboy ready for action.

As I listened to a radio broadcast, I hoped some news would be broadcast about the bombing, but finally I realized that the news was from the day before, and that no mention was made of the bombing. I also began to remember that I was actually about 40 years in the future from where I had been, and I was now in the middle of a nuclear war. I definitely wanted to return to my own time.

I thought that Germany was the country responsible for the war, and that perhaps this time Germany would be hit by nuclear weapons and most of its population destroyed. Thinking that Germany would probably be divided up this time between France and Poland, I began picturing what the new map of Europe would look like.

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