Dream of: 10 August 1990 "Numb"

I was at an event which seemed to be taking place outside, perhaps in a park. I was sure that my ex-wife Louise was somewhere there, and that she was one of the people responsible for the event. I met a woman who had dark black hair, and who somewhat resembled Wells (a woman who worked for a short while for me as a legal assistant) or perhaps Fuller (a female bankruptcy client). She was perhaps 30 years old and quite overweight. Although she had a pretty face, I didn't find her attractive. However she was clearly attracted to me.

She and I finally ended up together in a secluded area. Obviously she wanted to have physical contact with me, but I simply wasn't interested. I especially wouldn't want Louise to know I had a relationship with someone who looked like this woman. Finally however, I gave in. While the woman was lying on the ground I pulled down my pants and stuck my penis in her mouth. She seemed to enjoy it, and I found it quite satisfying myself.


I had returned to the area where most people were gathered and I  had sat down at what appeared to be a picnic table. Perhaps 10 other people were sitting around the table. One seemed to be Salvador Ibarra. Plates of food were placed in front of each person, and a small glass of alcohol, perhaps whiskey, was also placed in front of us. There was also a glass of tomato juice which I thought could be used as a chaser for the whiskey.

Since nobody else was taking the initiative, I decided to be the first to take a drink. I picked up the glass of alcohol and drank it all at one time. The others seemed a bit surprised by my action.

After only a few seconds I began feeling the effects of the alcohol. I was talking and I could hear the sound of my voice begin to change. Finally I fell backward off my bench, apparently pulling the table and part of the people on top of me. No one seemed to mind. I was feeling rather numb and basically felt nothing.

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