Dream of: 05 August 1990 "Stolen Wallet"

While standing outside a grocery store, I met someone whom I had recently seen at my class reunion. He seemed like Andy (a former high school classmate). After we spoke to each other, I decided to put some money in a machine which gave out little toys. I was hoping I would receive a super ball. I thought there was a good chance I would, because I had been present when the machine had been filled, and I knew some super balls should be coming out. I put in my money, and indeed received two small super balls.

The other fellow also wanted a super ball and he asked me if I would give him one of mine. I said no, that I had two nephews whom I wanted to give them to (I was thinking of my nephew David and my nephew Steven). The other fellow deposited his money in the machine. He received a toy that wasn't a super ball, and then he tried again. This time a large red, white and blue ball about half the size of a volley ball came out, as well as a large super ball out of a separate slot. His super ball was larger than mine. Overjoyed, he immediately walked into the parking lot and threw the super ball as hard as he could onto the pavement. The ball bounced much higher into the air than he had expected and got away from him. He ran out through the parking lot chasing the bouncing ball.

I meanwhile got in line with some other people for something else. Soon a large group of blacks gathered behind me in the line, and suddenly I felt someone poking my ribs and my back several times with his fingers. I turned around, spontaneously realizing my wallet had been taken. I screamed that someone had stolen my wallet. I noticed some commotion not far from me where apparently the same thing had happened to someone else.

Although perhaps 10 of the black fellows were here, I fearlessly began accusing them and searching them for my wallet. They all seemed so shocked that I would actually search them, they put up little resistance. Finally one pulled out his wallet and showed me my blue cloth wallet folded up in it. All my money and my plastic cards were missing. I saw a policeman nearby and began screaming, holding onto the black fellow the whole time so he wouldn't get away. When the policeman finally ambled over, I explained what had happened. The policeman put a paper pad on the hood of a car and began writing a report. Only after he had written quite a bit did I realize he wasn't even going to arrest the fellow. I protested that the fellow needed to be arrested, but the policeman paid little attention to me.

At one point I mentioned that I probably had $150 in the wallet. The black fellow looked at me in disbelief, clearly as if he knew there hadn't been that much in it. Of course he couldn't say he knew how much was in the wallet, because then he would be admitting he had taken the money. When I thought about it, I thought maybe I had only had about $40 in the wallet.

Suddenly I saw my grandmother Leacy coming toward us across the lot, pushing a child in a baby carriage. I rushed over to her. She didn't look at all like my grandmother. Her face was quite striking in a weird way. She was heavy set, apparently quite muscular. She looked as if she might be in her mid 40s.

I knew that the black fellow who had stolen my wallet knew Leacy, and that he would be ashamed if Leacy knew what he had done. I brought Leacy over to him, and he fell onto his back looking straight up at her. Indeed, he was obviously ashamed. I thought maybe there was a least some chance he might pay me back the money which had been taken from my wallet.

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