Dream of: 04 August 1990 (2) "Magnolia"

I was riding a bicycle through a town north of Portsmouth, Ohio - either Waverly or Chillicothe, and apparently I was heading for Columbus. As I passed through the main street, I noticed how quaint some buildings appeared; I didn't need to be in such a hurry. I should perhaps stop and look at some buildings. Several buildings harbored stores which were on more than one floor. One grocery store looked as if it occupied at least three stories of one old building.

I noticed a banner which had the word "Magnolia" written in large letters across it; it must be the name of some kind of festival which was presently going on in the town.


I was riding my bicycle through one the second stories of one of the grocery stores, enjoying the old-time atmosphere. As I rode along, I felt something drop from my pocket, and at first I was going to just ride on without worrying about it. I looked back and saw a pair of nail clippers with a plastic blue design on the handle which I recognized as mine. I stopped my bike and backed up to pick up the clippers. As I bent over to retrieve them, I also noticed a tiny brown plastic beer stein lying near the clippers. The stein looked as if it might have come from a gum ball machine. I picked it up, looked at it and thought about also sticking it in my pocket  but I decided it wasn't mine and I put it back down. My clippers meanwhile had turned into something else which I picked up and put into my pocket.


I continued riding until I came to some wooden stairs which led to the ground floor. I decided to simply ride my bike down the stairs. A woman watched me as bumped along down the stairs. I almost turned over at the bottom, but I was able to stay upright, and I continued on in the store.


I passed an area in the store where a crowd of people from my high school reunion had gathered. Some were up on a stage and some were just milling about. When I stopped and looked at a list of the people supposed to be there, I realized many hadn't come, including Clifford, Austin, Wendy and Monica. Actually the whole affair seemed rather tawdry.

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