Dream of: 04 August 1990 "Safe From The Wolf"

I was walking on the large hill behind the Gallia County Farmhouse (located on the 386-acre farm of my paternal grandparents in southeastern Ohio), looking at how the brush and trees had grown up. I had been farther up on the hill looking at walnut trees, and I was now returning to the Farmhouse to fetch a chainsaw so I could cut some brush away from the trees. I also wanted to cut down some old trees which had died and I especially wanted to cut down some of the large grape vines which I saw around me and which destroyed the walnut trees. Earlier, while up on the hill, I had noticed one group of about 20 trees in a row, as if they had been planted that way.

The area where I was walking was quite steep and rocky. Finally I came to a large old tree which was lying on the ground and which appeared to have been there many years. I lay down next to the tree and wondered if I pushed it whether it might dislodge and go tumbling down the hill. But I thought if I did that, the rocks above me might break loose and come tumbling down on me. After lying there a while, I realized I was in a sleeping bag. Being in the sleeping bag was fortunate, because I saw a large white wolf walking up the hill toward me. I was immediately alarmed, fearing the wolf would attack me. I pulled the sleeping bag closer around me for protection. When the wolf was almost on top of me, it turned and bounded away.

Looking around I noticed a large brown antlerless deer climbing over the rocks not far from me. I attentively admired the beautiful sleek animal as it climbed up the side of the craggy hill. I recalled that at one time white mountain goats used to climb over the rocks, but they had long since disappeared. However, when the deer reached some of the upper rocks, some other animals joined it, and they looked like they might be mountain goats. From where I was, I couldn't tell whether the animals were goats or deer. When they entered a cave near the top of the hill, I wondered whether they were safe from the wolf. Apparently they were.

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