Dream of: 31 July 1990 "Twelfth Grade"

I was sitting at a school desk in a high school classroom filled with students. I was in the twelfth grade; apparently it was my last day of school. The female teacher (probably in her mid 40s) was reading something to us. Most students seemed uninterested; several had even laid their heads on their desks and gone to sleep. Although I wasn't particularly interested in what the teacher was reading, I at least kept my eyes open. Finally the teacher walked near to where I was and looked at the papers on one girl's desk. Apparently the girl had a bunch of receipts which she was going through. The teacher didn't say anything.

We were all going to have to take a written test about what the teacher was reading. I disagreed with what she was saying: when I took the test, I would write down what she had said, and then write down what I believed to be correct. I might fail the class, but even if I did, I would still graduate from high school. I might, however, be mistaken. Since this was an English class, I might not be able to graduate if I failed. But I figured I would still graduate. The school system wasn't designed to teach people, rather just to force them to be in class for a certain amount of time. Therefore almost everyone who attended the class passed, whether they learned anything or not.


The class finally let out and the students began leaving. Sally was in the class; I wanted to talk with her before she left, but she made it out the door before I could reach her. I did catch up with her outside, and she introduced me to her husband, a black man (probably in his mid 20s). I was surprised to see Sally married to a black man. I had heard she had been with a man for over a year, but I had never known he was black. Before I could say anything, they had walked off down the street. I thought of going after her to talk with her, but I didn't.

I also thought of trying to find Tindall. He would probably want to drink some beer with me. Although I really didn't want to drink beer, I might do so now because I wanted to talk with him. After weighing the matter, however, I decided not to go with him and drink beer.


Carolina showed up; together we boarded a car and I drove off. I had only traveled about a block when I turned onto another street. Just as I was turning, I saw a group of children right in front of me. I thought they would surely move if I just kept moving straight toward them. Instead of heading toward them, however, I sharply turned the car toward a large semi-truck sitting next to them. The front of my car hit one of the large tires of the truck, but no damage was done to either the truck or my car. I backed up and we proceeded down the road.

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