Dream of: 28 July 1990 "N & W Chiropractic"

I was in Portsmouth with Walls and another fellow; we had gone looking for a house, apparently to do some carpentry work on it. Unable to find the house, we went to a second house which seemed to be on Front Street on the west end of town. We stood for a while under some large trees in the grassy lawn in front of the house. The Ohio River (although we couldn't see it) was just beyond some trees on the other side of the street.

Carolina showed up in another car and she remained in the car. As Walls and I stood outside the house looking at it, yet another car pulled up. In it was a woman (probably in her late 20s) with two children. The woman had blonde hair and an attractive figure. However her two top front teeth were protruding somewhat, which detracted considerably from her overall pulchritude.

She indicated she was looking for a certain address; I went over to help her. She showed me a piece of paper with two addresses written on it. Apparently she was supposed to meet either her husband or her boyfriend at one of the addresses, but she was unable to find either. The paper said something about "N & W Chiropractic," apparently a reference to an office that was in one of the buildings which she was trying to find.

I stood and talked with her for a while, even though I was sensing Carolina was becoming somewhat jealous as she sat in her car watching us. Finally I sat down in the woman's car, and her little boy wanted to play with me. He looked just like my nephew Steven. He said he wanted me to lie on my side, then he would take a running leap and land on me. He emphatically made me promise I wouldn't move at the last minute, because he would hurt himself if he didn't land on me.

I promised. He backed up, took a short run and lightly landed on me. He did it again and I told him that he needed to run harder, that I wasn't going to move.

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