Dream of: 27 July 1990 (2) "Oppressive And Oppressed"

A girl (probably in her late teens) and I had borrowed the car of a man and woman without the man and woman knowing about it. When we brought the car back, the girl was driving and she grazed the side of the white garage door as she pulled in. I was quite upset and knew the man and woman would be furious when they returned, which could be any minute. The girl and I went into the man's and woman's house, hoping we could figure out something to do so the damage wouldn't be noticed. No one was here at the moment, but then we heard someone returning home. Looking for a place to hide, we ran upstairs to the attic.

The attic looked just like the attic of the Gay Street House. I recalled at one time having had a place up there to hide. I thought it was under some of the floor boards in the rear of the attic. But I knew the attic now had insulation in it and I didn't think we would be able to hide there. Maybe we could hide behind the little room in the attic.

But instead of hiding, we slipped back downstairs to the ground floor. I knew other people were now in the house and I wanted to try to get out if possible. In one room I noticed a small child's drawings on the wall, some of which had something to do with the fact that a young daughter of the man and woman was taking French.

But I also began to remember that this family was part of a very oppressive family, and that most of the other people who lived in the area were oppressed. Finally we made it outside, where the ground was covered with snow. There were only roads and fields, and a few people walking here and there. One person had fallen in the snow and someone else was trying to help the person up. Everyone seemed poor and they contrasted strongly to the well-off people who lived in the house. I thought I would like to try to help the people outside somehow.

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