Dream of: 25 July 1990 "Disappearing In A Cave"

I had gone to a large cave with my grandmother Leacy, and had sat at the entrance while she entered and disappeared into the depths of the cave. Large rocks were all around the entrance the floor of the cave itself also consisted of large rocks. I sat down on one of the rocks and waited quite a long time before finally becoming concerned about what might have happened to her. Finally I began hollering into the cave, hoping she would respond. I hollered many times, but all I could ever hear was the sound of my own voice. A couple times I thought I might have heard something else, but it was so faint, I couldn't be sure. I thought I was probably going to have to go inside and look for her.

But before I could go, a man showed up whom I knew from somewhere. He was quite tall and heavy set. We talked for a few moments and then he left. I realized that he was a dangerous character and that I should be cautious of him. He then returned with another man, but before he could reach me, I suddenly sprang to my feet and began running away from the entrance of the cave. He and the other man quickly began following me. Obviously this was going to be a chase to the finish, because if he caught me, he would kill me. I began thinking of what I could do to escape. Another cave was nearby. Maybe I could run to it and go inside. Even though I didn't have a flashlight, I might be able to hide there. Or maybe I could hide under a rock near the entrance, fooling him into thinking I had gone inside. If he went inside looking for me, I could then jump up and take off. But I would have to be very quiet and breathe low while I was hiding, because if I were caught, I would be finished.

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