Dream of: 21 July 1990 (2) "Curved Stairs"

Buckner, seven or eight other fellows and I were in a room. I let Buckner know I would like to smoke some marijuana, but he didn't have any. Instead he gave me a small pale rose-colored pill which was supposed to be some kind of drug. I put the pill in my mouth and chewed it. It had a rather chalky taste. I immediately began to wonder whether I should have taken the pill.

One fellow on the couch said he was wide awake because he had already taken two of the pills. I thought it might be some kind of speed; I wished I hadn't taken the pill.

We all left the room and walked down some curved stairs. As soon as we reached the bottom, I wanted to go back upstairs. I saw a set of straight stairs next to the curved stairs which we had come down. I walked up the stairs to the room, and found someone had quickly rearranged the room. The room was basically the same, except now I saw some bar bells for weight lifting. I thought that they must belong to Buckner, that he must be lifting weights these days.

I walked back downstairs. When I saw no one around, I began walking away. I walked down a residential street. The pill was starting to take effect. Walking was becoming more difficult, and the sidewalk appeared to be coming up toward my face. I was afraid I might fall down. I felt bad because I had taken the pill. Doing so had been a big mistake; but I now concluded I would simply have to try to live through it and see what happened.

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