Dream of: 17 July 1990 "The Beatles"

After walking into a bar, I went to a section which I was determined to monopolize and not let anyone else stand. Noticing an attractive woman nearby, I thought she would be impressed by the way I was taking over that part of the bar. After I had stood there a while, Woody Allen walked up on my right. He was wearing a blue plaid shirt and looked as if he were probably in his late 30s. Happy to see him and wanting to talk with him, I said, "You're Woody Allen."

He looked surprised that I had spoken to him, and we both just stood there with surprised looks on our faces. We both seemed not to know what to say, until he finally said comically, "I know, you're a fan of mine."

I say, "Yea."

He asked me what I did and I told tell him I wrote. I said spontaneously, "I write my dreams."

He seemed interested and he wanted to know how much I had written. I told him I had about 2,000 pages written on a computer. I explained how on the computer I could search for certain words in my dreams. Allen seemed interested in the concept of my working with the dreams in that fashion and he asked me if I had ever done a word search for the "Beatles" to see which dreams they had appeared in. I told him that I hadn't, but that I knew the Beatles were frequently in my dreams. I mentioned that John Lennon was often in my dreams.

I added that Allen himself was frequently in my dreams. He seemed interested by that. I thought I needed to do a word search for both Allen and the Beatles to see how often they had appeared in my dreams. 

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