Dream of: 09 July 1990 "Wickedness In The Church"

root out all evil

I was visiting a large cathedral or church with a group of people, and we were walking down a long walkway out of the church. Suddenly I jumped into the air and began floating away from the others through the church toward the entrance, through which I could see the white light of outdoors. I thought the others must be truly impressed to see me floating like this, and I felt quite exhilarated as I moved toward the light on the other side of the door.

After I passed through the doorway, I didn't stop my flight, but began rising along the side of the church. The part I was scaling resembled a large maroon balloon, the sides of which seemed to be covered with shingles. As I rose, I realized I was moving toward a part of the building where no one was permitted to enter because someone or something wicked lived there. I thought the place might even be part of a gambling casino. As I neared the summit, I began to lose my power, and I began to doubt I would make it to the top. Nevertheless, I exerted myself until I was able to reach the summit, from which I would be able to see out over the entire complex of the church.

And as I approached the zenith, I began hearing impressive music which reminded me of music from Richard Wagner's opera Der Ring der Nibelungen. I listened eagerly to the words, the last of which were, "Die Burg der Nibelungen."

Dream Commentary of April 4, 2015

I do not know if it is true, but I have read that Muhammad gathered together with some of his followers every morning and then asked them if they had dreamed during the night and then interpreted their dreams. I also was once told of an ethnic Malaysian people called the Senoi who would gather in family groups in the mornings and recount their dreams.

Every day so many dreams are offered for interpretation on the internet. Surely there is a story in those dreams if one would but search it out. Searching the Dream Journal for the most recent dream in which the word "ghost" appears, for example, one would discover a dream by MisanthropTK entitled Camp Evolve.

In that dream, a murder has occurred wherein three boys were killed. MisanthropTK writes that it is "now common dream knowledge" that a ghost haunts that site. 

If one compares internet dream-journalists to ghosts, then it can be said that dream-journalists haunt the Dream Journal. Ghosts are similar to angels in that they either exist in another dimension or only in our minds. We who write dreams on the internet on a consistent basis, we oneironauts, are like a group of ghosts who haunt the dreams of those who read us. Some of us are haunting each other.

Thus, from my vantage point, the ghost in Evolve could in some ever-so-slight degree be interpreted as a symbol of other dream-journalists who are exerting an influence on MisanthropTK's dreams.

Or, of course, the ghost could be an actual real ghost from another living dimension which is visiting MisanthropTK in his dreams.

Both interpretations seem viable and it is actually possible that both are correct at the same time. Maybe there is another dimension where living souls exist. Ghosts in our dreams may be manifestations of that reality. At the same time, ghosts in our dreams may be a symbol for something else.

Angels in church, ghosts on the internet,

While the children of Syria burn.

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